Energy: The universal healer

So everyone knows that people consume energy, and use energy, but people sometimes ignore the more obvious fact about energy- it is constantly running through us, and it can have quite an impact on our lives.  For centuries, ancient Chinese healers have known about the energy pathways that run through our bodies.  In America, some of these healing techniques are starting to make a huge impact on medicine. 

The body is equipped with energy pathways that control metabolism, and also many other important functions of the body.  These pathways run in all directions throughout the body.  Doctors are using these lines of energy to heal people.  For example, acupuncture relies on energy points through the body to be effective. Jay Holder, MD, gives a brief description of how acupuncture works: “Every drug of choice has a receptor site mechanism that is very specific. What we do is meet the needs of that receptor site by supplying and directing the endorphins or enkaphilins through acupuncture.”

The realization that energy is present in the human body has led to many new forms of treatments for illnesses that reduce the number of drugs being put into the body, which can make people a lot healthier.  Energy helps doctors heal the human body by working with it, instead of fighting against it.

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  1. Scientists and doctors have found that “Body voltages up to 10 kV (10000 V) are commonly responsible for the shocks we feel in daily life”…so don’t go touching metal doorknobs too often! You can still push this energy idea further!


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