Insanity (?)

In my previous posts, I’ve gone into depths of certain things that relate to insanity, as well as the word itself.  What does this do for you, however, in terms of telling you what insanity, what the essence of this word is?  There are so many literal and figurative meanings behind it, from disease to acts to personality to insults.  To truth to insanity is, in fact, that there is no truth to insanity.  Would you call somebody who sacrificed a human being, who built stone behemoths to protect the dead, or who worshiped animal Gods?  In the future, will they call those who called fish eggs a delicacy and used oil as a fuel insane?  Who is to truly say?

Many words are relative: normalcy, intelligence, strength, etc.  This is especially true for a word such as insanity.  Insanity is a word defined by the society that is currently using it, and as that society progresses and changes, so does the word insanity.  Today, for example, insanity is no longer an acceptable medical diagnosis, due simply to its relative nature.  Any disease of the mind is now called a mental illness (shocking) because it does not make one “insane,” it simply impairs mental functions.

hen using the term insanity, one must always be careful.  Maybe they are insane, maybe you are insane, maybe I’m insane.

“The good thing about weirdness is there is always somebody weirder than you.  You’re all saying, ‘At least I’m not as weird as this guy!’  And I’m saying, ‘At least I’m not as weird as the people in the loony bin!’  And the people in the loony bin are saying ‘At least I’m an orange!'” – Jim Gaffigan

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  1. Insanity is relative to context? Is that close to moral relativism? In other words, because a person deems an act moral, the act can be moral? Isn’t this a dangerous concept? Are there no absolutes in insanity? If there are no absolutes, how is there ever a diagnosis? Is the diagnosis a “best guess”….without certainty? (You should be speaking to Kelsy about her blog!)
    Where is your blogging technology??


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