The Energy Entity

Energy is such a diverse word…I’ve already written about how it can be a scientific idea,  a thing that people should conserve, a description of a state of being…but the word energy is the same in all of these ideas.  The thing is, how did people come up with a term for something that you can’t see, or hear, or taste, or touch.  Energy is such an abstract concept, how did people decide it even existed?

People first recognized energy in the stone age, by making fire.  During the middle ages, people began using water wheels to gather energy.  Water was succeeded by steam, steam by electricity, and electricity by gasoline, and new, “reusable” biofuels.  Energy has been around forever.

The first person to really define energy was Gottfried Leibniz, a Latin scholar.   Thomas Young, in his 1802 lectures to the Royal Society, was the first man to make energy a topic of discussion. Benjamin Franklin made an energy contribution when he did his kite, key and lightning experiment.  Of course, Thomas Edison and Einstein paid their respects to the study of energy, too.  Thomas Edison hugely contributed to the commonality of energy through his lightbulb expiriments.

Presidents have contributed to ideologies about energy.  In 1992, 2005, and 2009, the Presidents have made new Energy Acts.  Each of these differ slightly.  The fact that two out of three of these acts have been composed in the past 7 years suggests that America is becoming much more energy aware.


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  1. I like the last paragraph in this entry…but why the chart? you don’t refer to it in any way (although it is a great graphic…) I find it interesting that the last 3 presidents felt the need to take on the problem of energy…not the presidents before them? Are we using more energy than before (Isn’t there some sort of Einstein theory about energy?) and now we have to have presidents tell us how to properly use energy? Have these bill had an effect?
    You raise too many unanswered questions when you do not put more of your own ideas in a post.


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