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There are many words that can be connected to uncertainty. The Antonyms, synonyms are very numerous in fact. However, the homonyms were extremely hard to find. And alas, I did not find any. Instead, I will focus on the synonyms and antonyms, which I find kind of interesting.

When I first looked up synonyms and antonyms of uncertainty, I found just a list of each:

Synonyms:   ambiguity, ambivalence, anxiety, bewilderment, concern, confusion, conjecture, contingency, dilemma, disquiet, distrust, doubtfulness, dubiety,   guesswork, hesitancy, hesitation,   incertitude, inconclusiveness, indecision, irresolution, lack of confidence,   misgiving, mistrust, mystification, oscillation, perplexity, puzzle, puzzlement, qualm, quandary, query, questionableness, reserve, scruple, skepticism, suspicion, trouble, uneasiness, unpredictability, vagueness,   wonder, worry

Antonyms :certain, definite, resolved, settled,   sure, unequivocal

Main Entry: ambiguity
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: uncertainty of   meaning
Synonyms: anagram, double   meaning, double-entendre, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety,   dubiousness, enigma, equivocacy, equivocality, equivocation,   incertitude, inconclusiveness, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, obscurity,   polysemousness, polysemy, puzzle, tergiversation, uncertainty,   unclearness, vagueness
Antonyms: certainty, clarity,   clearness, definiteness, explicitness, lucidity
Main Entry: ambivalence
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: equivocation
Synonyms: confusion   dilemma, doubt, fluctuation, gingerliness, haze,   hesitancy, hesitation, iffiness, inconclusiveness, indecision, irresoluteness, muddle,   quandary, tentativeness, uncertainty , unsureness
Antonyms: certainty,   decisiveness


Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: conflicting
Synonyms: clashing, contradictory, debatable, doubtful,   equivocal, fluctuating, hesitant, inconclusive, irresolute, mixed,   opposed,   uncertain , undecided, unresolved, unsure, vacillating, warring,   wavering
Antonyms: certain, definite, resolved, settled,   sure, unequivocal


I find this really interesting how two letters can make sure a difference. Some of the synonyms, I have to admit, are ones that I would have never have thought of in the first place. For example, I would have never thought that a synonym for uncertainty might be “bitting nails” or “jumpy”. There are just so many more synonyms and antonyms then I expected. It just shows how we have so many different words that are connected- and thus describe the same thing. We have an advanced set of emotions, that our language had to keep evolving to fit all of our emotions. Two words that mean almost the exact same thing or are synonyms to each other, might not be used in the manner. They can have the same text written definition, but the implied meaning or the way that we use it might be different. It is just interesting to see how evolved and more complicated the English is than I thought.

I also found that there are many more synonyms then there antonyms, which is kind of interesting. There are more of the same than of the opposite- though if you were to click on the antonyms, there are probably just are many synonyms for them as there are uncertainty. Shouldn’t those synonyms of the antonyms of uncertainty, be antonyms of uncertainty? That might not have made sense or is confusing, but I just have a feeling that just got a little lazy and did not feel like putting all of the antonyms. They just wanted to you to have the general idea. But I guess this means that words are more connected than I realized- or more connected than the internet makes it seem.|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=209418002 All synonyms and references, I got my this site.

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  1. Ok, I am uncertain as to how to advise you.
    One, you can make a link on this post by highlighting the word and then hitting the link button above the text box.
    Two, the list of synonyms and antonyms means nothing…until you started to discuss why there were more synonyms than antonyms.


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