How to Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression is an important part of any interview or meeting. First impressions are the single most important thing that determines the outcome of either of these events. One of the most shared facts by professionals who teach leaders how to interview and speak well is that in meeting a new person we, as individuals, make judgements about them within the first ten seconds. Ten seconds! That’s it. For us in FFA, making a good first impression is something we are trained to do. We know to come to an interview well groomed, professionally dress, and, for us girls, with our hair tied back so it’s easier to remember our face. These simple tricks are all an important part of making those very first ten seconds count, then through an interview we are able to solidify a great first impression.

Here are some tips on making a good first impression:

1. Stop Talking

In an interview it is extremely important that you let the conversation be directed by the interviewer- not the interviewee. Do not overwhelm the person with personal stories and small talk. Be polite, give short, concise, and well though out answers. Be personable but not overbearing. Make the other person comfortable with enough talking to generate a smooth conversation, but not so much that the person becomes bored and disconnected.

2. Be Yourself

One of the worst things to do in an interview is to come off as an obnoxious shining star. Interviewers hate that. You want to show off your accomplishments while still mentioning minor flaws and quirks about your personality. Be real, not the embodiment of all those nice things you put on your resume to look good- they already read that, now they’re looking for the person behind the paper.

3. Do not ever (ever, ever, ever, ever, ever) forget their name

Say it, repeat it, say it again, bring it up in conversation, compliment them on it, ask where it is from but DO NOT EVER FORGET IT. One of the worst things to do is forget someone’s name. Make sure you say it out loud and then repeat it in your head while still focusing. Also, make sure to get a business card, then you’ll never forget and you’ll have an easy way to send a follow up letter or thank you note.

4. Don’t be self absorbed

Make sure that if some one is interviewing you, you don’t take all the credit for things that they asked you about, unless it is absolutely, positively, solely all done by you. Give people who helped you out the credit they deserve and don’t come off as overly confident. Be humble about things you’ve had help with, or people who have helped you become who you are. Make your flaws real, honest things- not selfish things like, “I work too hard.” That’s crap and nobody wants to hear it because while it can be true, it isn’t honest because really, it’s not about you.

5. Be completely interested in what’s going on

Make eye contact! Smile, and make sure you never zone out or look bored. This interview or meeting is about you and therefore you should give the interviewer your full attention and respect, because they took time out just to talk about you and that’s a really big deal.

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  1. How did you get to be so smart? The “never forget anyone’s name” part is particularly important. I am so guilty about this because I focus on kid names all the time…my brain has a hard time remembering the adult name!
    Spelling and grammatical errors are rare. Entries have structure and are formatted to enhance readability.
    Entries fail to take advantage of blogging technology and are little more than written comments that one might find in a traditional notebook or diary.


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