Honor. COURAGE. Commitment. USMC

The Marine Corps recognize three core values: honor, courage and commitment. These values make up the bedrock of the character of each individual Marine. They are the foundation of the corps. These three values have been handed down from generation to generation, and have made U.S. Marines the Warrior Elite.

Core Values

Simply state, courage is honor in action — and more. Courage is moral strength, the will to heed the inner voice of conscience, the will do what is right regardless of the conduct of other. It is mental discipline, an adherence to a higher standard. Courage means willingness to take a stand for what is right in spite of adverse consequences. This courage, throughout the history of the Corps, has sustained Marines during the chaos, perils, and hardships of combat. When other principles are tested, it’s courage that prevents them from crumbling. It isn’t ignoring fear, but being stronger than fear. Courage is the guardian of all other values. It is there when times are toughest, when difficult decisions have to be made. It takes the form of mental, physical and ethical strength, and is found in the backbone of every Marine.

The value of courage as a Marine, it’s physical, it’s moral; there’s more to it than just the word. It’s definitely what’s deep down inside of you. There’s gonna come a point in time when you’re gonna have to rely on on the courage and the courage alone.Courage isn’t the absence of fear but it’s the will to push through that fear.

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  1. Well, this reads like the many posters that were hanging in my sons’ bedrooms until they left for the USMC. I took them down and painted the walls white…the posters made me nervous knowing that the situations my son Michael encountered were more than just advertising with cool gear.
    But I am more interested in what YOU have to say. This is not simply an opportunity to post cool videos (yes, this is a cool video)…what do YOU think? What kind of courage does it take to follow orders? Or more importantly, to disobey orders? How much courage does it take to face an enemy with many weapons? what about no weapons?
    You must wring some meaning from the word you chose…not simply repeat the stereotype (everyone thinks of the soldier with courage…who thinks of the enemy? Is the courage different for each?)


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