Global Warming

Though many people specially seek out warm locations in order to enjoy their vacation time on a hot beach or an iceless landscape, warmth is not welcome on all ends of the globe. Climate regulates its inhabitants’ ability to survive. When that climate is threatened, we see a dramatic decrease in survival on specific animals. Polar Bears have been threatened by Global Warming due to thinning ice and glaciers. While the temperatures of the massive bodies of water continue increase, ice also continues to melt and threatens the existence of Polar Bears. Melting ice and Polar Bears cannot coexist, one must go. With warmer water temperatures and thinning ice comes with many issues for the Polar Bear. For starters, Polar Bears are not swimmers. They are able to swim for short periods of time while hunting seal and other prey, however, they are not equipped to swim in large bodies of water for long periods of time. With melting ice, Polar Bears will have no platform or solid foundation to rest and live on, Polar Bears are faced with the possibility of drowning due to exhaustion. Also, with a decrease in solid ice surface Polar Bears will experience a shortage of food. Seals become less accessible to the bears because the resting ground for seals is ice. If the ice melts, the seals will have to reside in the water or search for land in other places; leaving Polar Bears with a shortened hunting season as well.

Warmth can be both a positive and negative experience. For Polar Bears, greenhouse gases will cause a rapid decrease in ice. A previous Nasa study found a 2.9% decline in total Arctic sea ice extent over the last decade. The bears will be either forced into extinction, or must migrate otherwise.

Warmth can be a positive survival technique for many other animals though. Many animals depend on warmth in order to live. Many reptiles, that are cold blooded, depend on the sun’s warmth to revive them after a cold swim or not being in the sun for a while. Otherwise, they would die due to lack of warmth.

Human beings are the same way. Most humans enjoy warm weather as opposed to cold weather. Warmth is more comforting to us. From the first moments of life in the womb we experience warmth and comfort. We are warm blooded animals, therefore, we seek out warmth.

Unfortunately for the Polar Bears, who do not seek out warmth, it is being thrust upon them and threatens their very existence.

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  1. The most depressing videos are sometimes nature videos….you know, watching the predator vs. prey (cute little baby bison running away from wolves), but the most depressing are those where we have caused the problem. There are several videos showing polar bears floundering on ice floes.
    Nice entry as warmth as an issue!


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