Warmth in the Household

The warmth of the home is a very significant and comforting necessity that most children cling to as adolescents until adulthood and beyond. Books that represent the warmth of the household have been published all around the world. Having a safe haven that you can always return to is extremely comforting to most individuals. After a long, and possibly unhappy day, a home is always the place you can return to in order to feel physically and mentally warm in your element. Unfortunately, household warmth does not exist in every home. Domestic abuse can occur in many families which turns the elements safety and comfort of a place to return to after a long day into a terrifying and horrible experience to come back to. Once the warmth and comfortability of that household has been shattered, it is very difficult to restore that safety for a child. These books talk all about the importance of including warmth in your family’s typical routine and home.

Warmth in the household can also be thought of as physical warmth. Having a roaring fire, comfortable temperature, and a nice cup of tea and a blanket can do wonders for a person’s mood and temperament. Mentally, having a loving and caring family around will always comfort you and make you feel like you belong.

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  1. You are metophorically linking emotional warmth to household warmth, buit in very obvious ways. The video is good…but is this just a “homecoming” rather than example of househol;d warmth. I think you could be a little more precise here.
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