Tips On Doing Impressions

Like I explained in my very first post, the word impression can also be a verb. Doing an impression is acting just like somebody else. There are even instructions on how to do this.

1. Find a person you want to do an impression of
2. Get your voice in tune
3. Go more in depth into the person’s personality
4. Analyze the person’s cadences

Doing an impression of someone can be done to poke fun at someone or to make others laugh. Impressions are done by mimicing the voice and mannerisms of the chosen person. Impressions have been done throughout history, and doing an impression is one of the most simple forms of acting.

Here’s an awesome video of some really well done impressions:

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  1. OK…the impressions guy is amazing (my husband could not see the screen and was amazed…he thought the voices were really from the actors!) BUT, so what? What are your thoughts AFTER seeing this video…what does that say that something as personal as your sound can be duplicated? That there are some voice SO familiar that we recognize them immediately? I am interested in that!!

  2. Oh, and hit the “open in a new window” when you post a link….makes easier clicking for the reader…thanks!


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