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Another definition of the word impression that I hadn’t defined yet is the use of the word in media. In the context of media, the word “impression” is actually defined as the number of times an advertisement is displayed online, whether it is clicked on or not. Counting these determines how much an advertising company gets paid. The more impressions, the more money a company makes. This cost for the company being advertised for is called CPM, which is the cost per thousand impressions.

What does this mean?

This mechanical idea suggests that just by seeing something people are influenced by it. Advertising plays on this idea every single day of our lives. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements that we don’t even think about but make an impression on us.

Next time you go to buy a product try to think do I want this product or do they want me to want this product.

With impressions you never know.

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  1. So, this is good, but where are you getting your information (which could be a link demonstrating that you understand how to incorporate technology in your blog!)
    Why not post an ad that makes an impression (for you? for others?) What are the most successful ads of this type?
    Does the same phenomenon happen in literature?
    I think you could have done more with this entry!


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