Tolerance is not only shown through the use of literature but can also present itself throughout everyday life. In the average school setting, both the teachers and the students must be tolerant of one another, more than they may be aware of. Sadly, at times, some students may find themselves in a position in which they are not being tolerated and instead, are being put down for who they are. This common occurance can be referred to as bullying. Although schools around the nation are constantly making an effort to join ideas together to prevent such actions, it still occurs. When bullying occurs, everyone in the situation is showing exactly what it is like to NOT be tolerant of one another and what they may have to offer into the world and society.

The clip presented above is a trailer to a new and upcoming documentary titled “Bully”. This video’s main purpose is to aware the audience about just how far bullying can push someone. This tells of a real life story of a boy who eventually took his own life due to the pressure that others were placing on him. From watching this clip, you are able to see what happens when tolerance is not present and does not play a key role. This shows that in the end, our society lives off of tolerance and needs it in order to remain balanced and equal.

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  1. Colleen:
    This is a much better post. However, your last statement “This shows that in the end, our society lives off of tolerance and needs it in order to remain balanced and equal” is a little “rose-colored” in its simplicity. Is society balanced and equal? should society be that way? (how does competition figure in?) You are making a jump in critical thinking from behavior at schools to how society works….yes, they are connected….but you need to make the connections more clear to the reader. A better way to have ended this would have been to suggest ways to teach tolerance at school….do you think this movie will help? (Did you know that the film is rated “R” and so, many teens cannot see the film?)


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