Energy in Literature

So energy is definitely found in literature, just look at all the self-help books on how to improve your energy levels, or have a better energy around you.  But what about in actual literature?  Like real, fiction, classic literature.

Well, there’s a definite presence of energy in Beloved.  The poltergeist  energy is one of the biggest examples of energy.  When Paul D steps in the room, he sees the “red light” that hung around the house.  But besides the poltergeist energy, there’s also the decreasing energy that Baby Suggs felt after she no longer believed what she preached.  She felt no will to live, and just gave up, and had no more energy.  Also, later on in the book, Sethe feels this same type of energy loss, and is ready to give up on life because she feels so tired. Energy loss is used as a tool to show a decreasing value of life in the book, and is also used to show purity.  The more innocent characters have more energy, like Denver, while the characters with a poor past, like Sethe, do not have as much energy.

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  1. Well, just like science, the amount of energy in the novel Beloved, flows from character to character…the energy is never truly lost. In fact, when Beloved is “pregnant”….she appears to be draining the energy from Sethe…once she is gone, the energy returns to Sethe, Denver….even Paul D….and HereBoy returns…no loss of energy….
    I wonder if one could chart the highs and lows of the levels of energy in the book….like positively charged vs. negatively charged particles?? The moments of crisis show an imbalance….just a thought.


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