Learning Through Buddhism

Buddhism has grown to be a major religion in the world, and while many think Buddhism is the teachings of the cheerful statue of Buddha that they so often see, the religion is much more than that.

The story of Buddhism, or enlightenment through Buddhism is told through five parts. Buddhism began with a prophet by the name of Siddhartha. When Siddhartha was born men predicted that he would be the Buddha, so his wealthy family tried to make life for him as comfortable as possible so that he would not leave their kingdom. Soon enough however, Siddhartha became sick of this lifestyle and wanted to roam the world. As he roamed Siddhartha saw so much pain and suffering that he wanted to end all of the problems that he observed. (This is where impressionism comes in)

Siddhartha came across a monk who had given up everything until all the pain and suffering in the world was resolved. In seeing the dedication this monk had, Siddhartha decided to be just like the monk in an effort to stop the pain and suffering. This monk left an impression on Siddhartha that lasted for six years as Siddhartha practiced the lifestyle of the monk. However, soon Siddhartha noticed that nothing was changing and this lead him to give up the monk’s lifestyle in order to make a difference in the world. This stage of Buddhism is called Renunciation, for renouncing the lifestyles of elders that left an impression on a younger generation. This was extremely important to Buddhism because by giving up this lifestyle Siddhartha was able to reach a stage of Enlightenment which is what Buddhism is centered around.

There are many other ideas about Buddhism, however the main three teachings of Buddhism are ones that relate to my topic:

1. Nothing is lost in the Universe

As this relates to impressions, every impression from an older generation has the ability to influence a new generation of people.

2. Everything Changes

People are always changing and the universe is also always changing, as people influence one another people’s perspectives, thoughts and personalities change.

3. Law of Cause and Effect

This law is talking about karma, the way we influence someone else either positively or negatively has the ability to influence the way they interact with someone else and the way the universe interacts with us.


Here is statue of Buddha (for good karma 🙂 )

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  1. You are really stretching the idea of impression….so far you have covered religion AND music! The three laws of Buddhism are very scientific…I feel like they are similar to theories in physics about matter and energy!
    I think you need to hit the idea of how these laws makes/made an impression on the world/you as a conclusion…you explain what they mean, but you need a final statement.


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