Musical Impressions

The Impressionist Movement was a time period in history during which art and music experienced a revolution. Instead of the normal harsh lines and incredibly detailed portraits of both people and landscapes artists began to express how they felt about things instead of what they saw. I detailed landscape therefore became a myriad of colors and blurred lines, expressing not what the artist saw but how he or she felt about the beauty of what they were seeing. Paralleling this idea, music became less detailed and was used to create mood or feeling instead of dictating a message to the listeners. Songs became shorter and more vibrant, scales became more exotic, and harmonies were created. This added much more depth and feeling to classical music then ever heard before. Major composers of this era include Debussy and Mozart. Their harmonies, instead of being used in a traditional way were used to tell a story, to push their listener to feel.


Here is an example of a piece by Debussy, notice the impressionist painting paired with the piece.


This is an example of a piece by Mozart. Mozart was especially well known for his ability to tell a story through music.



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  1. I get the point (Love Mozart….like Debussy)….but could you have come to a conclusion? Give us a final “impression”?


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