The Beauty of a Memory

I Had the Best Day…

There are certain songs that you can always play, and they will bring you back to a particular point in your life. This weekend my mother and I took a roadtrip down south, and listened to music all the way there. At one point, the song The Best Day by Taylor Swift came on and I was immediately whisked back to my childhood. My mother has been the biggest influence on my life, and as weird as it may seem, she is my best friend. She has always been there for me. When this song came out I was fifteen years old. My mom and I have considered this our song since because it explains almost everything we have been through together, while also signifiying the evolution that comes with a mother-daughter relationship as the years continue to pass.

I’m five years old, it’s getting cold, I’ve got my big coat on
I hear your laugh and look up smiling at you, I run and run
Past the pumpkin patch and the tractor rides, look now, the sky is gold
I hug your legs and fall asleep on the way home

I don’t know why all the trees change in the fall
But I know you’re not scared of anything at all
Don’t know if Snow White’s house is near or far away
But I know I had the best day with you today

I’m thirteen now and don’t know how my friends could be so mean
I come home crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys
And we drive and drive until we found a town far enough away
And we talk and window shop ’til I’ve forgotten all their names

I don’t know who I’m gonna talk to now at school
But I know I’m laughing on the car ride home with you
Don’t know how long it’s gonna take to feel okay
But I know I had the best day with you today

I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger
God smiles on my little brother, inside and out, he’s better than I am
I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run
And I had the best days with you

There is a video I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you’re talking to me
It’s the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs
And Daddy’s smart and you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

And now I know why the all the trees change in the fall
I know you were on my side even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
For staying back and watching me shine
And I didn’t know if you knew, so I’m takin’ this chance to say
That I had the best day with you today

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  1. Sara,
    I think this is where you were still choosing a word.
    FYI: Names of songs are in quotes (or italics).
    You need to really do more with the song lyrics….you cannot leave them without an explanation (much like leaving a quote un-analyzed in a paper!)


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