Education – A Video that is Really Interesting (and No, I am Not Cheating By Posting a Video)

I know, I know. I would rather read your stories that watch a pre-made video on the chosen word, but Sir Ken Robinson, the speaker in the video, is SO engaging. He makes so many relevant points. I wish I could teach like he does….or at least have the cool cartoonist he uses to illustrate points I make as I teach….(think of my stick figures and warped view of Milton’s cosmology).

I am particularly taken with his defense of the arts, when a person is in the aesthetic moment of experience. Apply that idea  into the classroom.  So many times, the connection between the arts and student performance differ so much from the student experience in the classroom. Students will not remember a particular English lesson long after high school, but they will remember performing in a play. Yet, the arts are the stepchildren of education…starved for funds and not a priority in scheduling, for teachers or for students.

.The illustration of how divergent thinking diminishes as students go through an educational system is frightening…plus, I never would have imagined a 40′ foam rubber paper clip. Does that mean a kindergartener is a better divergent thinking them me? Probably. I have been in EDUCATION too long!

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