Uncertainty in Life and Fine Arts

Here are some examples of artists, filmakers, writers, who all used uncertainty as the basis for their work.

This movie was released in 2009, and exemplifies the feeling of being uncertain in relation to human emotion.



By: The Fray


“Learning the Art of Uncertainty

I teach people how to cultivate awareness of uncertainty in their lives, then how to know the difference between uncertainty and panic, anxiety, stress and worry. From that they learn some simple skills and techniques in applying this newly found capacity to their daily lives. These skills and techniques are designed around your own needs and experiences. In learning how to do this, you are not pushed around by uncertainty, but know how to extract the benefits of uncertainty, whether it be in their work or work-whatever they do, in their personal and inner lives as well. Learning the art of uncertainty can increase your experience of prosperity. You can learn how to take opportunity and energy out of seemingly nothing to improve your lot in life and then learn how to pay it back, for uncertainty requires that which is borrowed , or used must be returned. Uncertainty if understood out of your own experience can be a life- enhancing experience, every day, and in every situation that you find yourself in.”

This, amusingly enough, is a guy who believes he can teach a person how to be uncertain.



(This was just amusing…)


     There is a reason that authors, writers, filmmakers, artists, all use the idea of uncertainty. Humans connect to the feeling of being uncertain. All the time we feel uncertain of the future, of our own feelings, of life in general. We can never make up our minds half the time, and the other half, we just can’t know yet. The future of our world sometimes seems ambiguous as well. With the economy falling, the seasons in reverse order and all the natural disasters occurring, people question the future of the planet itself. It feels as if everything is at a tipping point, and it no one can see what is on the other side of the downfall. Global warming is truly messing with our plant, along with the exponentially increasing population of man. We reached seven billion people estimated on earth. The planet cannot support so many people. Scientists believe that the population will reach its peak at around 2050. But of course, no one knows what happens when it reaches its peak. Some say a big die off will happen naturally, others say there will be so little food that people will just be starving in the streets. Overall, such a future and what could happen with that impending future is extremely uncertain.

    I, personally, am extremely uncertain in my life right now. I am uncertain about my future. I have absolutely no idea where I am going to be in a year or even six months. I have no idea what colleges will accept me, what colleges I will want to go to over others, and what state I will even end up in. But when I see the music, the art, the films that represent uncertainty, I do not feel as alone, as scared of uncertainty. I realize that everyone feels such uncertainty for the future. As corny as it is, such art comforts me and helps me not to fall over in a pure panic attack half the time. Thus overall, uncertainty can be quite common and fearful, but it often can be utilized by artists and filmmakers in order to help bring together human emotions. Because we feel such emotions, we connect better with others.  


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  1. I look at the graphic of someone see-sawing in uncertainty…and then you write about global warming on one hand….and you life on the other. Yes, uncertainty for you is a teeter-totter!


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