Impression and Others

There are actually very few words that also mean impression, as impression is so ambiguous. There’s influence, but that only covers some of the definition of impression. Consequence, but consequence is really only referring to the effect of an impression and not to the word impression itself. Feeling, which is another half definition of the word impression. Impact, reaction, response and result are also explanations of the effect that impression has. Lastly, there’s sway which is only one part of how the word impression can influence someone or something.

There’s also one more synonym: effect.

This is my personal favorite because this word has just enough ambiguity to match that of impression. Effect can mean the effect of something or the effect on something. There can be emotional effects and physical effects. Effect is really just like impression and I think is the closest synonym to the word. Effect, like impression, can be a cause and a reaction which make both words difficult to define as one simple thing and this is why they are so well matched.

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