First Impressions About the Word Impression

The word impression is a lot more complex than it originally seems. There are a bunch of different forms of the word. Impression, impressionable, impressive, impress, impressed, impressionism, impressionist- the list is large. Then when you say the word impression, you can mean it both figuratively and literally. You can impress upon someone an idea or you can be impressed, or even impressed upon. Impression and other forms of the word can be a noun, adjective, adverb or verb. We are impressed upon every single day of our lives. We can have first impressions, last impressions, bad impressions, good impressions, lasting impressions and have long boring impressions about how to be impressionable.

The word impression is an impression, it has many meanings and applications.

Originally, the word impression was French and first came into being in the late 14th century. At first, it related to stamping or marking which was common at the time for writing things down. Later, it began to be used as a figurative description of emotions and making an impact. However, all the while it retained its’ original reporter background taking on a combined definition of a “print, stamp, or marking on the mind.” As time went on the definition has switched back and forth through the centuries from being destinctly part of printing to a part of someone’s mind.

Today it carries all of these different definitions and is used in every way mentioned above.

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  1. Devin, try and put in a citation when you get information…I love words that represent different parts of speech!


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